Perletti eco-policy.

Perletti has already adopted the PFCFREE policy on all its lines starting from the 2019 collection. The PFCFREE label not only means using an eco-friendly, waterproof fabric free of toxic substances, but it also demonstrates Perletti’s attention to health and the environment and its aim for a green future.

About the regulation:

The concentration of PFCs in products is governed by the current EU regulation n. 757/2010 which recently lowered the permitted limit for coated fabrics and other materials to 1 μg / m2. The european trend is to reach zero level pfcs by the end of 2020 although a definite deadline has not yet been set by the regulation.

What are PFCs?

Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are a family of fluorine-containing chemicals with unique properties to make materials waterproof and repellent to liquids of all densities such as water, oil, etc. always been used in a wide range of sectors: in outdoor sportswear and equipment, in packaging in the food industry, o in the building sector.