We totally reject child labour.

Child labour does exist in some countries in which are articles are manufactured. With the specific aim of dampening and reducing this dramatic form of exploitation, we have adopted a special Code of Conduct to prevent child labour. Perletti is committed to conducting its activities in a responsible way. By means of strict and tested procedures, our Buying Office carefully and unfailingly checks that all suppliers are respecting the guidelines expressly laid down in our Code of Conduct.

Our core principle is that we refuse to allow any of our suppliers and sub-suppliers to exploit child labour in any form and we are committed to preventing it on several fronts.

We have adopted a clear, no-nonsense stance: the Perletti Code of Conduct is an integral part of every contract we sign with the partners who make our products. In other words, our partners promise in writing to uphold the Code. At the same time, Perletti reserves the right to carry out spot-checks at any time.